More Miles, More Core

I cannot believe how motivating this process has been so far! I am shocked at my consistency in time per km even on days that I feel like I am stiff or dragging my weight up a hill. I have been able to manage a consistent 6:58-6:28 range. The 30 seconds is significant for a race, of course. But for me, and for running every single day, I think it is pretty awesome.

I am planning on taking all this motivation and putting into this goal full-force. This afternoon I came up with a new (more challenging) plan for tomorrow (Sunday) to next Sunday. See below for the plan schedule.

Even though I have a 10K in the calendar in September, I have the 5K distance on my mind. Gearing up to finish up week 2 and start on week 3 I am adding in 3 mile runs as a minimum; but I am so very hopeful for reaching a consistent time of under 30 minutes. I do not want to exceed an hour on the 10K, so, in theory, if I can consistently build on a strong under 30 minute 5K then in 3 months I should be able to achieve it. For now though, my full focus is on completing one 5K every week.

My body is firming up and my flexibility is improving. I have reached the point now where I need to start putting a huge focus on weight training – particularly full body and core exercises. Recently I read a number of articles on how a strong core can really improve your time – and obviously your posture and stride. So this is where I am. In order to try to gain some motivation from the strength training I think I will create a few circuit sequences and do them in rotation while tracking my completed rounds so that I can see my progress here too. I don’t mind strength training on its own but coupled with daily running I am a bit nervous. Coming out of this goal injury-free is vital – so, for the strength training portion I am incorporating it with caution.

Schedule for Week 2-3

  • Sunday, May 31 – Run 3 miles (5K)
  • Monday, June 1 – Run 1 mile + Strength Training
  • Tuesday, June 2 – Run 1 mile + Strength Training
  • Wednesday, June 3 – Run 2 miles
  • Thursday, June 4 – Run 1 mile + Strength Training
  • Friday, June 5 – Run 2 miles
  • Saturday, June 6 – Run 1 mile
  • Sunday, June 7 – Run 3 miles (5K)

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