Best Time & Pace Yet!

I am riding on a runners high tonight. I completed my best time yet about 3 hours ago and I am still glowing! Before my run this evening I wouldn’t have known how to report on how this challenging new schedule has been, but tonight I saw the results. It is working.

This entire 1 mile challenge I have been maintaining a pace between 7:30 – 6:30 per mile. A few times I reached 6:28 or 6:27 – but tonight I somehow managed to get a 6:02 pace! I am on the verge of breaking the 6 minute mark and I couldn’t be any more blown away. I did it in 9 minutes and 48 seconds! I am only into week 3 and getting a pace that I expected to reach at week 8. I can’t help but wonder is this increase in pace directly related to the addition of 3 strength training days? I am not sure if it matters. I am certainly continuing with this schedule.

The major change in my run today was push on take off. I focused on pushing harder each time my foot hit the ground and pushed me forward. I had been aware of it during a few of my runs this week but I hadn’t been able to sustain it and it often felt tight or uncomfortable. Not today. I kept my back straight, my eyes up and focused on that push. My breathing was very heavy and will need some practice catching up with this speed in order to maintain it for longer distances. But for now, I am going to continue focusing on that push until it becomes more natural. I think the other things like my breathing and endurance will follow suit if I just keep trying to get the pace going.

I will admit though, today I was supposed to run two miles, according to my schedule and I didn’t – I only ran one. I wasn’t feeling very good today and I was extremely tired during my workout yesterday. So I cut myself the small break. Maybe I will do two tomorrow to make up for it.

For strength training this week I did upper body weight training twice and a core + burpee workout once. They were each about 20 minutes long and I did them immediately after my run. I wasn’t focused on tracking the reps etc because I was so eager to just get it done that I may tweak the strength training days each week to keep my body guessing and to also give some flexibility to my more tiring or long days. The same schedule is in the calendar so no backing out for this coming week. I am actually looking forward to it. Maybe next week I will be able to report that I reached a new best time!

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