The First Four Days

I did not except to feel immediate results.

All day today I have felt slimmer (or could be no bloating), I watched my food portions and didn’t go hungry, and I somehow achieved my all time fastest recorded pace of 6:27/km.

The strange thing is that I when I first set out to achieve this one mile a day for 8 weeks goal I didn’t really know the major affects it would have on my speed. I thought it would be challenge enough to run each day. I did not expect myself to get wrapped up in pace and speed, at least not so quickly. It is a pleasant surprise! For months I have been so focused on distance – and now realize I have only been purely enhancing my endurance levels. I didn’t know with this challenge that it would provide me the perfect training balance of speed AND endurance training. I even ran up stairs and hills for a little extra!

I am so excited to see where this challenge is going to take me. Shockingly, I am basically beginning this challenge at the place where I thought that it would take me. So who knows what my numbers will look like at the end of 8 weeks.

Here is a re-cap of my first four days of the challenge:

Day 1:

3 mile run. An additional 1 mile or so of walking.

I ran with my friend, Alexandra. I met her after work and on the run told her about the challenge I gave myself. She decided she wanted to give it a try too.

Day 2:

1 mile around my neighbourhood park. I felt sluggish through the entire run. I ran at the annoying hour when many people are out on the neighbourhood streets coming home from work. I hate this time because I feel like people are watching me and more times that any other time of the day I find that I get caught behind a smoker or group of slower walkers. In order to try something a bit different I ran part of the distance through the back lanes to avoid people.

Day 3:

After work I met Alexandra for a 2 mile run.

When I first met up with Alexandra, we decided to run one of our typical routes when I realized I forgot my home and work keys at the office. In order to get back to the office before the building was locked down for the weekend we turned around and headed toward my office. We ran faster than we normally do out of the sense of urgency and ended up having to run up two monster sized sets of stairs.

Right at the door of my office building, the alarm on my watch indicating we hit our 1 mile mark sounded. It was a perfect distance of 1 mile! We laughed. I got the keys and apologized a bunch of times. Then we headed back toward the seawall and ran to Alexandra’s car. Then we celebrated with an Italian dinner.

We broke our streak of 7/km range and hit 6:51/km!! I was still on a high about that by the time I went to bed.

Day 4:

Ran around the neighbourhood, tried a slightly different route. Added in an extra hill at the beginning and completed two more of my regular hills. Pushed myself hard knowing that the distance was short and 1 mile was all that I wanted to achieve. I ended up with 6:27/km pace. That means I cut yesterdays pace by 30 seconds. Who knew? I could feel while running that I was really pushing and I found that my lungs were pushed because I coughed for awhile after and felt dry. This pace will hopefully become my standard by the end of these 8 weeks.

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