Knee Problems

It seems that my cardio is still ok but my knee has been giving me issues. Last week when I did my first run after a month or so I was barely able to do my one mile without feeling like my knee wasn’t going to make it. I let it rest for  a week and focused on upper body when I did my workout earlier this week. Exactly a week later and I was able to push my distance to 2.34K before I felt that I should walk and ice my knee when I got home. So, here I am with an ice pack on my left knee writing this post.

Sadly, this means that before I get to doing my daily shorter runs – like one mile a  day for 8 weeks – I have to nurse my knees. This has happened before so I suspect that in a few weeks, with proper care, I should be able to move forward. I am trying to stay optimistic, but honestly, this is such a hefty goal that I really need all the time I have so I am a bit nervous. But, it is too early to make any real predictions. I am just going to move forward mentally preparing to have to make up for this lost time with harder and more challenging workouts than I have ever known.

Here are the (sad) results from my two runs this week:

Sunday, November 29

10mins 36sec, 1.62K, pace 6:32/K, 9.2K/hr

Sunday, December 6

16mins 38sec, 2.43K, pace 6:50/K, 8.8K/hr

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