The One Mile Challenge

I have completed a few 5K races and an 8K in the last 8 months. I am not particularly happy with my times and I am absolutely unsatisfied with my inability to continue training hard immediately after a race. Once I finish the race I take weeks off indulging in everything but running and – in some self-hating cycle I struggle to re-find motivation and begin the slow painful process of starting up again all to find that once I achieve the next goal I stop running, yet, again. This has become the pattern after achieving every single of my running goals.

As you can probably guess, I am using this blog in order to keep myself accountable, to record my progress and successes, and to try something new in attempt to lead me off the frustrating cycle.

I have my first 10k race scheduled for September 19. It is so far off – and I achieved my first 8K in March – that I figure, what’s another 2K, I can do it, no problem. Ha! Yeah right. I haven’t been consistently training since the completion of the 8K and know that I have really set myself back. Besides, I would like to get a decent finish time. I need these next 4 months to get that. At this point I don’t even know what time I would be capable of.

So, through out these next 4 months I will blog about a variety of smaller goals I plan on achieving through my training. I am still a beginner runner but I am at a point now where I really need to believe in myself and train at an intermediate effort. I need to push. I need to be committed. I need to start off with a challenge that seems daunting and prove to myself that I can.

First goal: to run, at minimum, one mile every single day for 8 weeks. One mile will not burn me out and it will not tire my body. I can push as hard or as little as I need to in order to achieve this level of commitment and consistency. So, on a day that I feel like my body needs a rest I will run at a slow and comfortable pace for a short mile. No big deal. At minimum of 3 times in a week I need to push hard on my pace and on distance. Last week, I finished a 6K at 7:30. So I am at a strong enough level to keep pushing forward.

Tomorrow starts the challenge. I will continue on running at least one mile per day for 8 consecutive weeks – which would bring me to July 15. At minimum, 3 times a week my distance needs to exceed the one mile distance.

I hope to see an increase in pace, distance (hopefully reach a smooth 10K by the end of the 8 weeks) and an increase in other areas of my fitness like flexibility and core strength.

This is the perfect goal because I know that it will be a real challenge to follow through. I will need serious commitment to run every single day. It won’t be easy – but I think it is really the push I need to bring me to the next level. Even if “the next level” doesn’t end up being my skill level; I know that something really worth it will come of this.

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